Just this week I noticed several signs along the Forest Road indicating that several fields at the north end of Ridgewood estate and close to Forest little golf club and not too far Dublin Airport have been offered for sale. The agents who have been instructed to bring this land to the market are Knight […]

Crèche facilities Millers Glen

Motion: Councillor J. Newman “That the Chief Executive provide a report showing the status of all the fenced off vacant land in the Miller’s Glen developments (Longview and Westmill inclusive) that is designated to be used for childcare and recreation.” Report: Permission was sought and granted for 5 creches as part of the residential development

Poor Planning of Childcare Facilities in North Swords Dear Resident. I am happy to report that two new creches are presently being completed from a construction point of view in new developments in Swords. A Report on my motion before the (Swords, Balbriggan, Lusk, and Rush) Local Area meeting in June 2023 exposed the lack

Press Release Local Swords (IND)Cllr., Joe Newman has slammed the government parties today. He said this government and in particular Fine Gael and the Greens have sat on their hands and ignored the transport pressures on North County Dublin and in particular Dublin Airport and Swords town.  Newman said a prominent Fine Gael minister made

During the negotiations of the 2016 Development Plan, I became aware of efforts to rezone land to the west of Swords. At that time, I was conscious that to rezone land without given due consideration to proper planning would ultimately lead to urban sprawl and the considerably diminishing of the greenbelt around Swords. I fought

Rivervalley Pitches Delivered

As your local Swords (Ind.) Councillor, I am delighted that the All-weather pitch at River Valley will finally be opened this week. This will be a fantastic facility for the local community. I am so pleased to see this dream come to fruition. I am so proud to have been a founding member of River

Joe Newman Dublin Airport

Press Release Local Swords Councillor, Joe Newman has slammed the DAA and demanded that a new airport be developed close to the capital to manage the huge increase in demand for airline travel. “Improved management of the Irish aviation sector is crucial”, he says. Newman describes the North Runway project at Dublin airport to be

A COVID-19 Community Response Forum is being set up to harness the tremendous work already being done by volunteers and to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to the delivery of supports across Fingal. The purpose and proposed structure of the Forums, to be established Nationwide, is outlined in more detail in the attached

I am delighted to see the following Funding awarded to Fingal Libraries.who provide a superb service for the citizens of Fingal. The funding of Autism Friendly initiatives is absolutely needed and to be welcomed. PRESS RELEASE Fingal County Council 29 July 2019 Fingal Libraries Autism-Friendly scheme approved for over €40,000 funding from the Dormant Accounts

Rathbeale Roadworks

What is involved in the project? Beginning in June 2019, work is due to commence on the R125 Rathbeale Road Upgrade Project involving the: Upgrade of the existing R125 Rathbeale Road from the Murrough Road Junction to the new Oldtown/Mooretown Junction. Provision of new high-quality pedestrian/ cyclist facilities, signalised junctions, pedestrian crossings and reduction of

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