Protection of Swords Greenbelt

During the negotiations of the 2016 Development Plan, I became aware of efforts to rezone land to the west of Swords. At that time, I was conscious that to rezone land without given due consideration to proper planning would ultimately lead to urban sprawl and the considerably diminishing of the greenbelt around Swords.

I fought off the rezoning efforts successfully, however, to ensure Fingal County Council would protect our greenbelt I set up the Swords Woodland Association. This was about protecting and delivering woodlands to our region. I also promoted the idea of an urban forest. Swords Woodland Association seeks to create a well-planned quality of life for those who live, work, and visit the Greater Swords Area. This is done through the maintenance, enhancement and sustainable development of our woodlands and the preservation of our existing green belt.

During the negotiations of the current Development Plan, I was most pleased to receive the support of a number of like-minded councillors. I take this opportunity to thank them for having the vision to put the welfare of the Swords community before party politics.

With their support I was able to ensure that efforts by others to erode the greenbelt to the west of Swords was prevented once again.

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