Childcare Facilities

Poor Planning of Childcare Facilities in North Swords

Dear Resident.

I am happy to report that two new creches are presently being completed from a construction point of view in new developments in Swords. A Report on my motion before the (Swords, Balbriggan, Lusk, and Rush) Local Area meeting in June 2023 exposed the lack of Childcare Facilities (i.e., Creches and after school) in the Miller’s Glen area of North Swords. In fact, the Report detailed an ongoing failure of proper planning.

Brief History of my representation to date:

I was extremely concerned about the number of vacant lots left behind in the new estates of Millers Glen and Westmill, the sites were originally the subject of planning applications that were granted to Gannon Homes to provide creche facilities.

I obtained a report from the planning department which outlined various lapses of planning on the developer’s part. The report from the planning department was comprehensive and can be seen on my website. (

The developer recently submitted (June 2023) another planning application F23A/0204 to alter conditions that existed to ensure the provision of a creche as a required service for the Mooretown development which is presently under construction. The council has refused this latest application as it would further delay the opening of the creche for new residents in Mooretown.

I am happy to see that the planning department at FCC is ensuring that Gannon Homes provides the creche according to the planning conditions applied to planning applications

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