Development Land Sale on Forest Road

Just this week I noticed several signs along the Forest Road indicating that several fields at the north end of Ridgewood estate and close to Forest little golf club and not too far Dublin Airport have been offered for sale.

The agents who have been instructed to bring this land to the market are Knight Frank estate agents. They are advertising the property as a 12.5-acre (approx.) plot with approximately five acres zoned for residential development. 

I am very concerned that if this property is purchased by a developer that they will seek planning to build residential homes there and try to extend the zoning to include the entire 12.5 acres. Thus, contravening the 2023/29 development plan. And breaking the “Green Necklace” that was provided for in the Swords Masterplan 2019 following my representation and submissions during the 2017- 2023development plan.

I believe it would be outrageous to build homes at this location. We have all heard the complaints from Sword’s residents who are suffering the ongoing problems with excessive noise from aircraft since the opening of the new runway. “Why in the world would anybody want build homes this close to an international airport? I suspect that the only people who would buy them would be landlords who would attempt let them out to people who are desperately looking for somewhere to live in this time of huge scarcity of housing.” 

I also concerned as to what else could go on this site which would in effect scupper plans for a recreational amenity and opportunities to encourage active trave such as cycling and walking among other uses which would benefit the Ridgewood community.

 I am now calling on Fingal County Council to purchase this property and to use it to implement the objectives of the county development plan 2023/29. This affords the council a fantastic opportunity to use this land for community amenities that are so badly needed in Swords town.

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