Provision of Crèche Facilities, Miller’s Glen Development 

Crèche facilities Millers Glen

Motion: Councillor J. Newman

“That the Chief Executive provide a report showing the status of all the fenced off vacant land in the Miller’s Glen developments (Longview and Westmill inclusive) that is designated to be used for childcare and recreation.”


Permission was sought and granted for 5 creches as part of the residential development of the areas known as Millers Glen and Meadowbank. Permission has expired for 2 of the creches permitted.

A Crèche was granted permission to the north end of Longview Mews as part of a residential development by ref F15A/0390/PL06F.246453 for Gannon Properties on 23/3/2016. A commencement notice was submitted for the shell and core of the creche structure on 06/09/2017. This permission for this development including the creche has been further extended and is due to expire 17/08/2026.

A Crèche was granted by planning permission F11A/0436 4th September 2012 with revisions by F14A/0471 on 01 Apr 2015 at junction of The Drive and The Rise as part of a residential development. A commencement date for this permission is recorded at 18/03/2014. Permission to build this crèche expired 03/09/2017.

A Crèche was granted as part of planning permission on 15th June 2018 F17A/0687 on Millers Avenue opposite Longview Square as part of a residential development. Commencement date as per notice 12th October 2018. Permission is due to expire for this creche late 2023.

A Crèche was granted 7 January, 2015 by planning permission F14A/0419 at the junction of Glen Ellen Road and Park Avenue and expired 4th September 2017.

A Crèche was granted 7th September 2018 by planning permission F18A/0410 at the junction of Glen Ellen Road and Westmill Lane due to expire late 2023.

A Crèche was granted on 2nd March 2020 as part of F19A/0101 / ABP-307003-20 – Permission for revisions to part of previously permitted development Reg. Ref. F11A/0473 a commencement Notice for this permission was lodged on 16th March 2023. Condition no.2 of this permission stated; 2. Prior to commencement of development, the developer shall submit for the written agreement of the Planning Authority, revised plans and particulars detailing the provision of a childcare facility at the location of House No. B1/01, as detailed on Drawing No. 1643 P2C-03 submitted on the 23rd day of January 2020. The layout, design, capacity and hours of operation of the childcare facility shall be in accordance with the ‘Childcare Facilities: Guidelines for Planning Authorities issued by the Department of the Environment and Local Government in June 2001 and the requirements of the Planning Authority.

Reason: To ensure that childcare facilities are provided in association with residential units, in the interest of residential amenity and of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. A compliance submission deemed not incompliance with Condition 2 of An Bord Pleanála Ref. ABP-307003-20 (F19A/0101) was made 8th March 2023.

Source of Reply: Malachy Bradley, Senior Planner, Planning & Strategic Infrastructure.

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