Well Road Swords:illegal parking

Well Road, Swords – illegal parking

Question: Councillor J. Newman

“To ask the Chief Executitive to contact the Gardai in Swords to ask if they would police the Well Road in Swords

to try and dissuade motorists from parking on the footpath. This practice is pushing mothers with prams as well

as disabled and vulnerable people to walk along the road and putting themselves at risk of injury or death?”


Well Road is currently outside the area covered by the Pay and Display parking scheme which operates in Swords.

Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the Gardai to enforce traffic regulations and the Rules of the Road at this

location. However, the Council has been in touch with the Gardai in this regard. Operations Department is

carrying out a review of the Swords Pay and Display scheme, with a view to extending the scheme to include some

additional areas off Main Street. Well Road will be included in this review

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