Traffic Issues at Lord Mayors Pub and Church Road Junction.

Lord Mayors Pub – Traffic Congestion

Question: Councillor J. Newman:

“To ask the Chief Executive to report on what plans if any are being considered to alleviate the traffic congestion

at the Lord Mayors Pub junction as a number of motorist become quite irate with the delays at this junction?”


The traffic lights are monitored by Traffic Solutions and the Operations Department, with the lights optimised to

allow traffic to flow at the maximum capacity of the junction.

A yellow box was placed to allow turning movements to and from Church Road. The traffic lights have a peak hour

plan that links the Lord Mayors junction with the Malahide Road Junction at the Garda Station and an off peak

plan that uses two traffic loops, both plans are in place to optimise the traffic flows through the junctions.

The junction layouts in this area operate within the constraints of the existing building layout and topography of

the area, which decreases the possibilities for modifications to the road layout or increases in lane widths.

The area will continue to be monitored.


Note: I am totally dissatsified with recieving the same answer for two different issues. see Brackenstown road traffic issue below.

Joe Newman

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