River Valley Bottle Bank


I recently submitted a question to the local area committee meeting regards the unsightly and continuing overflowing battles,clothes and general rubbish collecting at the bottle bank in rivervalley.


Question: Councillor J. Newman: Rivervalley  –  Bottle Bank.

“To ask the Chief Executive to put in place a regime of a regular tidying up of the area around the bottle bank in River Valley. This area is unsightly and requires tidying on a daily basis. A number of residents have expressed concerns to the extent that some want the bottle bank removed?”


Fingal County Council has a network of over 70 bottle banks located throughout the County which are collected and maintained by Rehab Glassco as per the requirements of the service contract. The contractor is contractually obliged to cleaning the surrounding areas of the bottle banks of lids and broken glass. Should the litter be non-glass material, the contractor is to notify the Council. The contractor in question is contracted to collect the bottle bank at River Valley a number of times per week. If this is not proving sufficient the Environment Department may review this matter with the contractor. In addition the Environment Department can arrange for the Litter Warden to increase the frequency of the visits to this facility with a view to determining who is causing the litter.
As Fingal County Council is committed to providing a network of bottle banks around the County as per its obligations under the Eastern Midland Regional Waste Management Plan, these facilities are very useful in terms of raising environmental and educational awareness.


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