Clothes Bank Issue in River Valley


A number of residents have contacted me over the last couple of months to complain about the overflowing clothes and rags container at the Credit Union in River Valley. please see the reply below from the council which makes no commitment to address the issue.
Question: Councillor J. Newman: Clothes Bank – Rivervalley.

“To ask the Chief Executive to arrange for the removal of the clothes bank beside River Valley Credit Union. This area is used as a dumping ground for old clothes and is continually causing annoyance to many residents. Swords Village has a number of charity shops that will recycle suitable clothes and other items?”



Fingal County Council has a network of nearly 30 textiles banks located throughout the County which are maintained by its contractor on a regular basis. These clothes banks are a necessary part of the waste infrastructure provided by the Council as part of its obligations under the Eastern Midland Region Waste Management Plan. The textile bank in River Valley serves a large population area and is considered to be a valuable amenity as it allows the public to dispose of clothes locally particularly where there is no other place to dispose them.

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