Motion: Swords Town Presentation

I put forward a motion on the 13th of April at the local area B meeting, the rationale of my motion was to highlight a number of issues that are detrimental to how people perceive our town, the motion asked the council to facilitate the coming together of various local swords business’s and voluntary groups  to promote the proper development and maintenance of Swords, it is important that we can have a Town we can be proud of, If we do not control the displaying of waste bins along our main street we will be in danger of running away potential valuable visitors to our town, The Council is very proactive in rejuvenating the town of Swords, it is imperative that local businesses and  citizens support the council in their efforts to present swords town and promote our town in a way that will provide a positive experience and encourage shoppers and visitors to return…


Motion: Councillor J. Newman “That the Chief Executive would set up a meeting with local business as well as the Chamber of Commerce and local interest groups such as the Swords Tidy Towns Group. The group could look at ways to help improve the visual aspect of our town and discuss how we can arrange waste collections at times that will prevent traffic congestion, the group could look at ways to improve the visual aspect of our main street and shop fronts. This group could be a conduit for local business’s to provide valuable feedback and play their part in improving Swords Village for the benefit of all while providing a positive experience for visitors.”


Report: The Council has been extremely active over the last number of years with a number of initiatives to improve Swords Main Street and its environs. The Swords Civic and Cultural Quarter Plan is being actively developed which ultimately aims to see the development of a Civic Centre comprising a new library, performance and arts space and other facilities. Significant works have been undertaken on Swords Castle with further works planned in 2017 to enhance the castle’s tourism potential. The Council has also delivered a number of high-profile events in Swords and this will continue in the coming year. Improvement works were also carried out to Main Street in Swords and the Council works closely with businesses to encourage the upkeep of business premises. The Council also led on the application and evaluation of the Purple Flag for Swords. This process brought together a number of the key stakeholders in Swords. In addition regular meetings are held with a variety of Council Departments and Swords Tidy Towns and other stakeholders in the town. Council Officials will meet with stakeholders

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