Employment Opportunities for the over 55 Male Population

Since my election in 2014 I have continued to press the economic development department to ensure that males over 55 years of age are provided with employment opportunities.

see the following excerpt from the paper

“This paper analyses the employment landscape and access to services in |Fingal for males over 55 and provide an analysis of Fingal Countys Council (FCC) activities in this area. while Fingal has the youngest populastion in the state,FCC is cognisabt of the need to be considerate of the ageing population and ensuring sufficient and proper policies and programmes are in place for this cohort. A plethora of international studies have found that male unemployment is linked to depression,relationship breakdown,alchol abuse,anxiety and low self esteem. These impacts are are further compounded by additional knock-on effects resulting from the loss of income. Considering that as a whole.ireland has an ageing population,and a rising age of retirement, the provision of employment for those over the age of 55 is critical in reducing the social welfare committments imposed upon national finances”

I will continue to lobby for the implementation of initiatives and the creation of local employment opportunities for the over 55s.

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