Graffiti Issue

Please see below a question that put to council regarding the Graffiti problem around parts of Swords, while I  acknowledge that work is ongoing to curtail the scourge of graffiti It is important especially coming into the tourist season  that we make an extra effort to keep our towns and villages clean and visually appealing.

[Services A – Operational Matters]
Wednesday, 11th April 2018
Question: Councillor J. Newman
“To ask the Chief Executive what resources and action is presently being taken to
ensure the removal of graffiti in the Swords area in preparation for the tidy
towns competition”.

In keeping with the other Dublin Local Authorities, Fingal County Council’s
Operations Department uses the services of the Probation Service to deal with
graffiti throughout the county and in general this service is efficient. Delays can
occur where a waiver form is required, and depending on the location of the
graffiti weather conditions can cause delays as the heavy vehicles carrying the
chemical-based graffiti removal equipment cannot drive across wet ground.

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