Road Re-surfacing Works Rivervalley.

I have made numerous representations to the operations department in the council over the past 4 years ( see motion below) to have the road in Rivervalley resurfaced. This road has been deteriorating and is hazardous at many locations, it is also a danger to pedestrians and cyclists.The council had a section resurfaced in 2017 and i am happy to say it has made a vast improvement in noise reduction as well as making the road safer.

The road near the supermarket was scraped a couple of years ago and it was left to see if there was further subsidence, I recently contacted the traffic section in the council and  requested that they inspect the section near the school crossing at Brookdale. I am happy to report that an engineer called to meet the traffic warden and a representative from the residents association to investigate what can be done to make the crossing safer for children,I would like to thank the school warden and the residents association representative for bringing this issue to my attention.


I will continue to pursue the council until the complete road has been resurfaced.

Wednesday 11th April 2018

Road Resurfacing Rivervalley
Motion: Councillor J. Newman

“That the Chief Executive report as to when the section of road adjacent to the
Rivervalley Shopping Centre will be repaired and resurfaced. A temporary job
was carried out on this road some time ago in an attempt to remediate the
uneven hazardous surface.”
The 2018 Programme of Works has budget provision for Restoration
Maintenance works on the River Valley Road / Rathingle Road. The location will
be surveyed and included in the schedule of works required along the overall

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