Traffic Disruption at Ridgewood Estate 10th April 2018

Contents of letter to the director of operations at Fingal Co. Co.

I am contacting you regards the unacceptable traffic situation that was allowed to develop at the Ridgewood Estate Swords this morning the 10th of April 2018. I received a number of calls from very irate residents who had to wait up to 40 minutes trying to exit the Ridgewood Estate.

I visited the location this morning at 9.15 to find that the temporary traffic control lights were not working correctly, I approached the project manager who works for the contractor GMC and I requested that he put some men onto the junction to manage the traffic to try and clear the backlog into Ridgewood estate.

I have raised the issue of the water main installation at local area meetings where I have requested that a professional traffic management company be employed to manage traffic  during road works, a professional traffic management  company would ensure the most efficient and effective flow of traffic

I have grave concerns as to the willingness of the water main contractor to ensure traffic is managed in a way that controls and minimise’s traffic disruption during the renewal of the 30” water main.

I am requesting that the council convene an immediate meeting with Irish Water to address the situation regards traffic disruption control measures; I am also requesting that the best traffic management system be employed for the duration of the water main project.

The unattended traffic system employed at Ridgewood is unfit for traffic control at peak times and in the short term it would be advisable to employ three men with walkie talkies and stop go signs at 3 way junctions.

I also have serious concerns as to the capacity or the ability of the main contractor to handle the issues that will arise when the works are transferred to the Main Street in Swords

As we have a local area meeting this Wednesday  I am requesting that Irish Water be instructed to attend the council offices prior to or after the meeting so that the councillor’s in the Swords Ward can express their concerns on behalf of residents of Ridgewood Estate.

People are generally understanding of the short term disruption necessitated by the renewal of the water main however they are not prepared to put up with the incompetent way the traffic e was managed or more to the point mismanaged at this location this morning




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