Council Undertakes Swords Castle Survey

written by the North County Leader:

Pictured taking part in the recent County Council survey, regarding the future of Swords Castle and it's environs are, Celine O'Rourke (Council Executive Architect), Cllr Joe Newman and Swords resident, Sylvia Maxwell

The County Council undertook a one-day survey last week on plans for the development of Swords Castle and it’s environs, known as Swords Cultural Quarter. The Council’s Executive Architect, Celine O’Rourke spoke to the County Leader about the purpose of the survey. She said, “This is about asking the people of Swords, about what they would like to see for the castle and it’s surrounds in the future, and how they might see it in the future,” she said. Sylvia Maxwell has been a lifelong resident of Swords, and when asked about what the future held for the castle, she had very definite views. She said, “I’d like to see the old photographs of the town and it’s historical folklore housed in the castle for all to see. I would also like to see the museum, which is currently in the Carnegie library, and the tourist office moved to the castle as well. I would like to see the vacant buildings around the castle knocked down and take parking off the main street and put craft shops and eating places here. This would bring the heart back into the town. The castle should be a magnet for this,” concluded Sylvia.

Local councillor, Joe Newman (NP) said, “During my election campaign, the burning question was the state of Swords Main Street and the Castle. People were very concerned that this area was deteriorating rapidly and needed to be reinvigorated. I think this is a great idea because it involves the entire community, and the Council are prepared to listen to the ideas of people,” said Newman.














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