A number of Residents in Ridgewood Estate in Swords  are concerned about the additional traffic that will be passing the front of their houses on Ridgewood Avenue due to new housing development, at present there is about fifty houses been built near the football pitches, residents are also concerned about future development in this area […]

While out canvassing in Boroimhe on the 8th of May I came across a number of people in Boroimhe Hazel who are up in arms about the property tax. These residents already pay a maintainance fee which covers the maintainence of a few bushes around their property. These residents are paying property tax on the

I have been contacted by a large number of people regards the issue of homelessness. I have pledged my support for Focus Ireland and if elected in the upcoming election i will support them in whatever way I can. the following is a copy of the letter sent to me. Dear Joe Newman, I am

The canvas is ramping up and we will be out knocking on doors almost every night for the next few weeks. I have spoken to a number of people in the last couple of weeks who are really concerned and in despair about the property tax and the upcoming water charges, some of these people

The water charges fiasco rumbles on. It is going to be a major administrative problem trying to make the water charge fair and equitable. It looks inevitable that we will have to pay water charges in the near future. If people are provided with an adequate and fair allowance a charge for usage above  this

Fingal County Council have launched the 2014 cleaner communities competition. this initiative helps to raise environmental awareness with the general public. If you wish to enter this competition just log on to www.fingal.ie/environment On Thursday 19th September 2013 the 38th community based anti-litter competition, Fingal Cleaner Communities Awards, were held in County Hall.  This important competition has

The practice of allowing the building of houses fronting on to busy roads through housing estates is causing a lot of safety issues not to mention environmental problems such as noise and fumes for residents. It is disgraceful that Planners and Developers do not really consider the people who have to live under these conditions. I will if

Some residents in Castleview  near Applewood in Swords  have complained to me regards the lack of footpaths adjacent to the main entrance to their estate. Children have to traverse a busy road in the estate to get to school. I have highlighted this issue with the local paper and I am in the process of raising this

A number of people have complained to me while out canvassing about the deterioration of Swords main street. They feel that the Council are not doing enough to encourage new businesses to locate in the vacant premises near the Castle. They have also complained about the gaudy appearance of some of the existing premises. and feel

From the North County Leader… The capacity problem at Holy Family Junior National School in River Valley, Swords is set to force new pupils to seek alternative schooling arrangements in September. However, Independent local election candidate, Joe Newman, told the County Leader, that a solution to this problem can be achieved locally, thus preventing young

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