New Footpath Request at Bridge Street Swords

I submitted a question to see if I could get a footpath at Bridge Street Swords, This is a hazardous section  and I have had a number of requests regards the installation of a new footpath.

BALBRIGGAN/SWORDS AREA COMMITTEE MEETING [Services A – Operational Matters] Thursday, 14th April 2016

ITEM NO.  66 Footpath at Bridge Street Swords

Question:  Councillor J. Newman “To ask the Chief Executive if he would arrange for an assessment of the narrow footpath at the bridge at Bridge Street and report on the feasibility of providing a new footpath to the north of the bridge beside the town park. This footpath is quite narrow and somewhat dangerous for pedestrians and wheelchair users?”

Reply: The provision of a wider footpath on the park side of Bridge Street would require the construction of a footbridge over the Ward River.  The construction of the footbridge would also require the relocation of a watermain and a number of ducts that presently cross the Ward river to the north of the existing road bridge. There is no budget for the construction of a footbridge at this location.

I will follow up on this request as I don’t think we have to move any water mains, I will request a meeting on site with the engineer to see if there is a reasonable solution. Joe






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