Graffiti Removal

I put forward a motion to try and get some form of commitment from the council for regular removal of graffiti.

BALBRIGGAN/SWORDS AREA COMMITTEE MEETING [Services A – Operational Matters] Thursday, 14th April, 2016

ITEM NO. 91 Graffiti

Councillor J. Newman: “That this Council introduce meaningful measures to employ or engage personnel to tackle the continuous graffiti vandalism that takes place in and around Swords Village.”

Report: The Operations Department can list any instances of graffiti for removal by the Probation Service as and when they are reported by members of the public. All works (removal and painting) are subject to the availability of the Probation Services and in the instance where the graffiti is on a private wall a waiver form being completed by the householder. All graffiti removal jobs are placed on a works list and prioritised depending on the nature of the graffiti (offensive, racist etc.).


I will be continuing in my efforts to get a regular Graffiti removal system in place. Joe

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