New Fingal Development Plan

Information  from The Council.( click on the following  link to access Fingal Co Co  web site)


The advertisement notifying the public of the start of the Fingal Development Plan review process will be in the Irish Times on Friday 20th March.

 a booklet detailing the plan and how to make contributions will be delivered to households

 Public consultation evenings will be held in April – details on Page 4 of the Booklet.

 At this initial stage of the review we are looking for submissions on strategic ”big picture”  issues and we cannot consider submissions for rezoning.


Development Plan Schedule:

  • 20th March 2015 Advertisement to be placed in National and Local Papers announcing the preparation of the new County Development Plan
  • 20th March – 15th of May 2015 (the min required is 8 weeks)  Public Consultation. Submissions and observations invited from all interested persons and bodies,on what is to be included in the draft of the new plan
  • Information Meetings Tuesday-14th of April, Tuesday- 21st of April, Thursday – 23rd of April, Tuesday – 28th of April 2015 Location and Duration The Marine Hotel Sutton, The Carnegie Court Swords, The Bracken Court Balbriggan, Red Room Blanchardstown Civic Offices times 19.30 to 22.00 hrs
  • By 10th July 2015 (not later than 16 weeks after the giving of notice) Preparation of the CE report on the submissions and observations received
  • By 18th September  2015 (not later than ten weeks) Motions by the 14th of August (F) 2015 4-meetings 4,8,9,11 (F) September 2015 councillors consider the CE report and direct the CE regarding the preparation of the CE Draft Development Plan meeting duration 17-00 to 22-00 (break !9.00 -19.30)
  • By 4th of December (F)2015 (no later than 12 weeks) 2015 preparation of the CEs Draft Development Plan
  • By 8th February 2016 (8 weeks) Motions by 4th Jan 2016 9 meetings 15th 18th 20th 21st 25th 26th 29th Jan 2nd and 5th February consideration of the CEs Draft plan by the elected members meetings duration 15.0022.00 break 18.00-18.30
  • By 19th February (F) 2016 two weeks Publish the Draft Development Plan within two weeks.
  • 19th February (F) -29 April (F) 2016 (not less than 10 weeks) Public Consultation Submissions and observations on the Draft Development Plan invited from all interested parties.
  • By 22nd July (F) 2016 (12 weeks)  Preparation of the CEs report on all submissions received on the Draft Development Plan and forwarded to members
  • By 14th of October (F) 2016 (12 weeks)  Motions by  6th September 2016- 10 meetings 20,21,23,(F) 27th 28th September 3,4,11,12,14, (F) October 2016 Councillors consider the CEs report, If the Draft Development is being ammended. then all significant amendments MUST go back  out on Public display. If no material alterations are made the Councillors may adopt the Development Plan. Adoption of new County Development Plan OR proposed material alterations to the Draft Plan by Elected Members
  • 4th November (F) 2016 (within 3 weeks) Notice of proposed amendments must be published in newspapers
  • 4th November -2nd December (F) 2016 (not less than 4 weeks ) Public Consultation. Second public display period. That is only if the members have made material alterations to the Draft Development Plans Submissions will once again be invited from all interested persons/bodies
  • By 9th January 2016 (4 weeks) Preparation of CEs Report on submissions received during the display period
  • By 20th February 2017 (6 weeks) Motions by 3rd February (F) 2017 2 meetings -14th  and 16th February 2017 (optional 17th and 20th February 2017) Consideration of the CEs Report by the members



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