Disappointing Response from Council over Much Needed Road Repairs

I recently submitted a motion to the Council asking for funding to be put aside for a stretch of road leading from the roundabout at Forest Boulevard down as far as Loreto College in River Valley. In addition, I requested that a survey be undertaken on this road, as one-third of the road looks like it has subsided, with cracks plentiful, causing hazardous condition for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross the road.

I received a response from the council to the motion I proposed, but am disappointed with it. I received a generic, non committal report from the council. I’m disappointed that the issue hasn’t been given the attention that it deserves and am demanding a more positive response from the local authority to this issue.

As an elected representative for this area, I respond to requests and complaints from the people who elected me on their behalf, and I will not be sidelined in a dismissive manner over this, or any other issues which affect the quality of life of residents.

You can read an article on this subject in the North County Leader here:


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