Local Area Committee Meeting 11th September Questions and Motions

I put a motion forward at the local area meeting recently, the motion was as follows.

β€œTo ask the Chief Executive Officer to find out what plans if any, Irish Water have to replace the watermains on the Forest Road and Main Street in Swords Village?”


This 30” (750mm) diameter watermain was laid in 1970 and was, until a

duplicate main was commissioned in 2006, the sole means of transporting

potable water from the Ballycoolen Reservoir into North County Dublin. The

structural integrity of the 30” (750mm) diameter pre-stressed concrete

watermain, between Kingstown and Lissenhall, in Swords, Co Dublin has

deteriorated over the years leading to many significant bursts. The

commissioning of a duplicate main circa 2006 allowed a rehabilitation scheme

for the older watermain to be considered.

Fingal County Council Water Operations have managed and monitored the

watermain over this period repairing and replacing sections of the watermain

as required to maintain the service and minimise disruption to the public. In

addition to the ongoing operational management of the asset, Fingal County

Council Water Services Project Office following approval from the Department

of the Environment Heritage and Local Government commenced the Swords

Watermain Rehabilitation Project in 2007. Consultant Engineers were

appointed to produce a Preliminary Report and associated Contract

Documents to facilitate the rehabilitation/repair of the watermain. The same

consultants were subsequently appointed on the 19th December 2013 to

oversee the appointment of a suitable contractor and to supervise the

watermain rehabilitation works on site. Some advanced works have already

been undertaken to remove domestic and commercial tappings from the

watermain to facilitate the maintenance of water supply during the

rehabilitation project.

From January 2014 Irish Water commenced bringing the water and

wastewater services of the 34 Local Authorities together under one national

service provider. Irish Water will also be making capital and investment


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