Poor Traffic Management Causing Gridlock

Traffic Gridlock at Fingallians roundabout
Standing at Fingallians Roundabout, where traffic gridlock is being caused by faulty traffic light sequencing.

I have been contacted by many motorists who are enduring traffic jams particularly between the Fingallians Roundabout and the Fire Station at peak traffic times.

I have found that the problem is caused by the sequencing of traffic lights in the area, which need to be regulated. The problem is further compounded by the roadworks on Dublin Road in the town, where water mains are being laid. This work is likely to continue for a few weeks to come. Traffic coming from the southern end of the town has been diverted away from Dublin Road and has to follow diversions, which is having a huge effect. 

The Council do not have a proper traffic management plan in place to cover this eventuality and to cope with the situation that has developed, as a result of this work. It’s forcing motorists to break the law by stopping on a roundabout, thus causing complete gridlock.

The Council should have thought about the implications of such a huge project better than they have and they need to review their traffic light sequencing.

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