Swords Village CCTV Request


CCTV requested for Swords Village

Motion: Councillor J. Newman
“That the Chief Executive consider the introduction of a CCTV system to Swords
Main Street and Town Park to assist in making Swords a safe place to visit and live.”
The Council uses CCTV to carry out various statutory functions such as waste management
and litter enforcement. In addition we use CCTV to protect public assets such as Swords
Castle, Newbridge House, Malahide Castle etc. Recordings from the CCTV in Swords were
down loaded to a disk and provided to An Garda Siochana as part of their investigation into a
recent serious criminal incident in the vicinity of Swords Main Street. We already have a
system in Swords Castle and will review the coverage of the system to see if additional
cameras could be introduced to cover critical locations in the park and the Main Street

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