River Walk Swords

I recently put forward a motion on behalf of the Swiords Tidy Towns Committee as well as all Swords Councillors. see the following motion and report from the Council. I have requested that the Council try to at least take some measures to prevent cars using this walkway as a rat run and parking.




“On Behalf of all Swords Councillors to ask the Chief Executive to provide for and
arrange the installation of
1. Lighting alongside the River Walk is Swords between Church Road and Bridge
2. The installation or continuation of a protective barrier along the river.( This
River is fast flowing at times and could be considered a hazard.
3. The provision and installation of bollard type barriers at the Old School House
entrance at Church Road and at the Steel Works further up the lane. ( this will
prevent cars parking along the walk and hopefully stop cars using this walk as a
short cut to main street

The Parks and Green-Infrastructure Division of the Planning Department are to
begin a master-planning process for the Ward River Valley Regional Park which
will include the Riverside walk as the important connection between the Ward
River Valley and Swords Town Parks. This master-planning process will include a
public consultation process and set out the objectives for the development and
improvements to the Regional Park and prioritize a set of actions.
It is expected that all of the issues mentioned in the motion would be open for
consideration as part of the master planning. It is intended to commence the
process early in 2016.”

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