re-zoning issue at knocksedan

Below is a motion put forward to rezone the lands Knocksedan for residential development.

Motion: CVQ3911. AI029061
That the land outlined on the attached map be zoned RA to provide for new residential community in accordance with approved LAP and subject to the provision of the necessary social and physical infrastructure in the new plan.

Development Plan 2017-2023

Proposed Material Alterations To The Draft Fingal

Development Plan 2017-2023 – Chief Executive’s Report


Chief Executive’s Response:

The lands are located between Knocksedan, Ridgewood and Brookdale, west of Swords and are currently zoned GB greenbelt. These lands, c.38 ha, are currently greenfield in nature. High amenity zoned lands are located closer to the River Ward Valley. The land also falls generally between the outer and inner airport noise zones and it lies east of the Outer Public Safety Zone of the airport. There is an existing local map based objective, no 319 under the 2011 2017 Development Plan, attaching to the lands, which states:

‘Carry out a study for the long term use of these lands with particular regard to the setting of Brackenstown House and the identification of recreational/amenity lands and outcome of route selection of distributor road

.This has been carried through to the Draft Development Plan 2017 –2023, under Local

Objective no. 39 which states:

‘Carry out a study for the long term use of these lands with particular

regard to the setting of Brackenstown House and the identification of recreational/

amenity lands and outcome of route selection of distributor road.’

Brackenstown House is one of three protected structures on these lands located within towards the Ward River Valley and in close proximity to a second protected structure that is connected the house, namely the mill race etc. A third

protected structure is located to the south located in close proximity to the indicative road route.


During stage 2 of the Development Plan process, it was considered appropriate to identify this land as potential development land over the long term. Given the existing infrastructure deficits, in terms of the existing road network and the services provided at the subject site, it was considered that a study firstly should be carried out to examine and identify the infrastructure requirements which would allow this land bank to be developed as a long term development proposal for Swords and this forms SH8.6.


The existing local objective 39 together with the new objective under proposed amendment SH 8.6 provide appropriate planning parameters to develop a framework for future development.

It is considered that the level of public participation regarding this amendment during this stage of the development plan warrants a review of the wording of the proposed amendment. It is considered that the study would benefit from public participation where the issue of an urban forest could be examined as part of the feasibility study.

Comments from the SEA, AA and SFRA screening of the proposed amendments, pg 76 of the Addendum Report states that ‘the local objective should also include for environmental appraisal of the lands to ensure minimal impacts on cultural heritage and landscape


It is considered that the existing noise zones associated with Dublin Airport, as

set out in the current Draft Fingal Development Plan, are appropriate, having consideration to existing and permitted operations at Dublin Airport and having regard to current regulatory frameworks in this area. Fingal County Council is committed to the

review of existing Dublin Airport LAP which will have regard to impacts on

inter alia local communities and will include an assessment of

Noise Zones and matters relating appropriate to the proposed strategy for the area. It is

considered that the proposed Dublin Airport Local Area Plan review process is the appropriate mechanism to potentially give consideration to issues raised in this submission.


Having consideration to the above, it is recommended that the

Development Plan be made with the proposed Material Alteration as displayed subject to the following minor modification


Carry out, within 2 years of the adoption of this Development Plan, a feasibility study,

that wil nclude public consultation,of lands at Knocksedan to include a full investigation of requirements in terms of infrastructure, traffic, water, access, drainage, and community facilities community and recreational facilities and natural amenities to inform the future designation of these lands for development


This feasibility study should include an environmental appraisal of the lands to ensure minimal impacts on cultural heritage and landscape



This motion was further amended to remove the words “for development” which was accepted by myself and some other other local councillors as the best outcome we could expect based on the original objective which was considered weaker and more likely to facilitate residential development with no regards for public concerns..

I put forward a number of amendments related to attempt to re-zone the Knocksedan lands. se the outcome of these amendments below.

Motion from Councillor Joe Newman:
motion to alter amendment SH 8.6.AI034332
Remove the proposed amendment SH 8.6 and leave these lands as greenbelt for the duration of this development plan


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