Motion: To provide all weather sports facilities

I put forward a motion to ask the chief executive to consider providing all weather facilities for outdoor sports

Motion 14th of April 2016

“That the Chief Executive considers:
1. Providing all weather playing facilities for sporting clubs in Swords and surrounding area.;

2. Explore the possibility of providing these facilities in an area that will not cause any inconvenience to residential areas;

3. An Ideal location would be close to the proposed Swords By-pass between Ridgewood Estate and Dublin Airport.”

Reply: The Strategic Plans for the Ward River Valley Regional Park and Swords Regional Park will address the provision of All Weather facilities in the context of our policy of developing Recreational Hubs at appropriate locations. The relevant stakeholders including local sports clubs will be consulted extensively in the preparation of the plans for these facilities. The proposed location as outlined will be examined as soon as the necessary lands become available for this purpose.

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