Swords Residents from The Borimhe-Ridgewood and Rivervalley area in South Swords are mobilising themselves to lobby for a school in their area. I have been informed by a Council Official that “the the Swords Master plan will have provision for a school” however this may take some time as the Swords Master plan is only at draft stage. I have been in contact with Cllr.David Mc Guinness who is on the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board who sent me the email below.I will be supporting the immediate construction of a community national School in Swords. I will lobby for a national school to be constructed in a convenient location to serve the residents in the South Swords area.

email from Cllr. David MC Guinness

I received an update from the council last week saying they have been instructed to find a school site in Swords South. They know about Fosterstown but they are also looking at other sites in order to get a quicker delivery if needed. We, Dublin and DĂșn Laoghaire Education and Training Board, want to open a Community National School and the community will decide via an online vote from the Department of Education and skills very soon. Any questions let me know and you can ask anyone interested to express their interest on www.cns.ie