The Rivervalley and Rathingle Road Re-Surfacing is ongoing,:

I have made representations on many occasions over the past 4 to 5 years to have this road repaired and resurfaced.This road is in a hazardous state and a danger to motorists and pedestrians. I am reliably informed that another section of road will be resurfaced no later than the first half of 2019. I will continue to push for the complete resurfacing of this road in 2019 and I will not rest until this objective has been achieved.

I have also recently made representation on behalf of Broadmeadow Residents to have road repairs carried out in their Estate. I will be keeping an eye on progress in this area.

I have also put a question into Fingal County Council local to find out what action is been taken to identify road and footpath issues in the greater Swords area. I will update this website when I receive a reply to my question.

I have support the progressive budgets put forward by the council for the past 5 years and I firmly beleive that the Fingal and Swords community have benefited by these decisions.