My Manifesto

I have been listening to you and this is what you have said:

The property tax is unfair and inequitable and you need someone to lobby on your behalf.

You can be assured I will lobby to have this tax abolished, in the meantime when it comes to the remit of the local council in 2015 I will campaign to have this tax reduced and that the money collected will be ring-fenced to provide much needed services in your local area.

You have expressed concerns about the water charge and the negative affect this could have on the elderly and infirm.

You can be certain I will fight to ensure that this tax is kept to a minimum, while supplying homes with a generous, fair, and equitable allowance.

You need more sporting facilities

Based on my involvement over many years with sporting clubs you can trust me to campaign for more outdoor and indoor facilities such as playgrounds for children, better facilities for field sports and the provision of outdoor exercise facilities for the older generation.

You are dissatisfied with the unsafe and deteriorating condition of roads and footpaths in your area.

You can rely on me to be your voice in the council in demanding that necessary upgrades and improvements are carried out, to provide you with better roads and footpaths, as well as providing properly constructed access ramps for wheelchair users.

Your main town is being choked because of inadequate parking facilities

You can be confident that you will have a strong campaigner in me in lobbying the Council to forge ahead with the proposed parking facility at Lissenhall in preparation for the Metro. This will have the added benefit in freeing up many parking spaces in Swords to encourage local shopping.

Swords Village is deteriorating

The main street is deteriorating, you are entitled to expect a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment. I will be demanding the council take measures to revitalise Swords Main Street to encourage local shopping and tourism.

You are concerned about the rise in burglaries

I am in the process of working to create an effective and efficient community text alert system to combat and prevent this type of crime in your area

What about jobs?

I will campaign and encourage local bodies to create local employment opportunities and promote local entrepreneurship to encourage the development of small businesses.

The council don’t listen to you

You need a voice at the table. Allow me to work on your behalf; I will work to strengthen relationships between the local council and the general public by encouraging meaningful engagement with local community and resident associations.

What about children with special needs?

We need to work together to encourage local bodies and school boards to provide special needs assistants to ensure that children in need are provided and assisted with an education to help them fulfil their potential.

Is the local council a part time job?

Not with me. I am in a position and looking forward to working  fulltime for you and your community.